October 10, 2014

​​Hey #curlfriends!  I wanted to quickly update you all on the progress of my hair.  It is almost 1year post mini chop, and I was recently asked by a #curlygirl if I was going to keep my tapered cut or let it grow out.  I’ll explain that below and update you all on my new color. 

Once again, I found myself in the style seat with StyledByReece.  This time, I would be going for balayage highlights and not traditional highlights.  Balayage (bah-lay-ahzge) is the art of hand-painting on highlights for a more natural, sunkissed look versus traditional highlights, which tend to be very grid like and systematic.  Although we are approaching cooler temps, I wanted to go a little lighter than before, while lightening the back of my head where my hair appeared to be black.  Not to mention, the previous color created a ‘V’ pattern when I did my frohawks, lol.  It was cute, but it had to go!


While in the style seat I got a much need trim.  Reecie carefully detangled my hair, blew it out and sectioned it as needed.  It was then that I was faced with the following question:”Are you keeping it tapered or do you want to grow it out?”.  I wanted to see the shape it would take as it grew out, but I decided to even it off and grow it out.  I may decide on a different shape later, and I will have it cut accordingly to frame my face.  However, I don’t see another mini chop in my near future.

To cut down on time Reecie styled my hair curly.  She used the Briogeo Curl Charisma Rice Amino + Avocado Leave-in Defining Creme and a little bit of oil for shine.  She diffused it to help it dry quickly and help with curl definition, threw it in a frohawk for styling, and we were done!


My hair is in great condition because I take care of it especially with it being color treated.  You can read my post on maintenance here.  As far as my hair cut, I think I’m doing great since my December 2013 mini chop.  My hair has grown considerably and I’m able to do a puff (happy dance).  I have yet to straighten my hair since my initial color job in May, but I plan on straightening it once I hit 1year post mini chop!


More photos (before, during & after):



Until next time,





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