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Ashley Hall is a Bronx, NY beauty blogger, who started blogging in 2013 under the name Curls Fo’ The Girls. Following her graduation from Syracuse University, Ashley created Curls Fo’ The Girls as a way to share natural hair and beauty tips with women who sought help during their transition to natural. Hall found it to be easier to sharing her tips digitally, which would allow her to connect with a larger audience. Since its inception, Curls Fo’ The Girls has garnered over 50K supporters on social media, with Instagram being Hall’s largest platform.

Hall is most known for her colorful curls, which have been blonde, red, peach, and rose gold, and now her natural color, dark brown. Her hair is currently tapered, which can be switched up without hesitation. Hall's ability to rock various colors and styles, has allowed her to stand out in the crowd amongst other social media influencers, while maintaining her individuality in the industry.


Since Curls Fo' The Girls was born, Ashley has worked with various brands such as Briogeo, Palmers, L’Oreal, Estee Lauder, Bumble & bumble, Maybelline and many more! She continues to dominate social media with her glowing selfies, concise yet helpful tutorials, and her witty personality. You can keep up with her on social media @curlsfothegirls.




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