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I’m not a consistent pre-pooer, but i decided to give it another chance as the cooler months roll in. Our hair needs as much moisture as possible, especially as the air changes, and a pre-poo treatment is one of the best ways to provide our hair with much needed moisture. A pre-poo is a conditioning treatment pre-shampoo, or cowash. Oils (EVOO, EVCO, JBCO, etc.) are usually used, but conditioner can be used as well. The oils, and conditioner, restore and manage moisture, protect the hair, aid in detangling, and increase the hair’s overall health and shine. A pre-poo treatment allows the oils in so the shampoo doesn’t strip the hair of its natural oils. This way, hair will remain moisturized post wash. My Pre-Poo Experience/Review

I applied my mixture of EVOO & EVCO last Friday night– I wanted to make sure that my hair had plenty of time to soak up the oil mixture. I applied the mixture on my dry hair, grabbed some hair pins (different from bobby pins), placed my hair in a bun, pinned it, and put on a plastic cap. I left the mixture on until Sunday, which is my usual wash day. Before I actually washed my hair, I applied more EVOO to the back of my hair where my scarves had shifted and rubbed against. Then, I prepared for my wash. Before stepping into the shower, I decided to detangle my hair so I wouldn’t waste time (I had to be done before the Walking Dead came on!). I took my Suave coconut conditioner and my EVCO into the bathroom, sectioned my hair, applied the conditioner and oil mix, and began to detangle. I noticed that I lost less hair than I normally would have had I detangled in the shower per usual (yes, i have had hairballs bigger than this!). After detangling each section, I put my hair into twists. While in the shower, I washed my hair, only applying the L’Oreal EverCurl Hydracharge Shampoo to my scalp, and I used my As I Am Coconut Cowash Cleanser to condition my hair. After rinsing the cowash cleanser out, I applied my Avanti Silicon Mix Hair Treatment, clipped my hair up, and showered. After rinsing off my shower suds in warm water, I rinsed my hair in cold. After washing my hair, I noticed a difference and I attribute that difference to the pre-poo treatment. My hair felt softer and more moisturized; I lost less hair during the pre-poo detangling sesh than I would have had I detangled my hair in the shower using just my conditioner. I also found that my detangling session went a lot smoother and faster than usual. I would definitely recommend pre-pooing especially because it is getting colder out. The cold air outside and heated indoors can wreak havoc on our delicate strands. A pre-poo treatment is one of the best ways to combat dryness, protect our hair from the elements, and restore the oils that have been lost. I mentioned before that I used EVCO and EVOO, but you can create your own pre-poo mixture using oils that work for your hair including JBCO, which is a bit heavier. A conditioner base can also be used and combined with an oil for added moisture. The more moisture, the better! I can definitely see myself incorporating a pre-poo sesh into my regimen especially during the cooler months. It is time consuming, but it’s so worth it! Until next time, Ashley, xo. Do you pre-poo? What’s your favorite pre-poo mixture? Share with us below!


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Ashley Hall is a Philadelphia based content creator and media personality from The Bronx, NY. Her channels are a perfect mix of lifestyle, beauty, and style, including sneakers and fashion!

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