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Last weekend, November 15th-17th, I decided to straighten my hair. I had been wanting to straighten it for a while, and after watching Mo’s method, the Silk Roller Wrap Straightening Method, I knew it was time.

I wanted to make sure my hair was fully prepared and ready for heat styling so I began deep conditioning on Friday night using my Neutrogena Triple Moisture Mask. I went out on Saturday to gather the supplies I didn’t have– some of which I purchased after learning what Mo* used. Below are the products and tools I used:

  • Monoi Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner

  • Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask

  • ApHogee Keratin and Green Tea Restructurizer

  • Creme of Nature 7-in-1 Leave-In Treatment

  • Aveda Smooth Infusion Style Prep Smoother*

  • Motions Foaming Wrap Lotion*

  • CHI Silk Infusion (not exactly what she used, but close enough)

  • Magnetic Rollers

  • Metal Clips

  • Conair Infiniti Pro Flat Iron

  • Conair Soft Bonnet Dryer

  • Paddle Brush

  • Soft Boar Bristle Brush*

  • Large Detangling Comb

  • Rattail Comb

I have included the link above so you all can access her site and view the video of the method. I avoided the plastic wrap step (I didn’t find it necessary for me). I was lucky enough to have my mom help me roll my hair, and I occasionally had to spritz some of the sections with water to keep my hair from drying completely.

I honestly lost track of time especially because the drying time took much longer than I thought. I should have dried my hair on high heat from jump instead of medium heat. After my hair was fully dried– around 1 am– I grabbed some pins and wrapped it for the night. I flat ironed my hair the next morning and unfortunately, it was raining However, I did the best I could before I left and ended up putting a cap on anyway; I was TOO happy! My flat iron doesn’t have a setting where you can select the exact temperature, but I used my flat iron on the 15-20 setting and when I returned home, I turned it up to 30 which is equivalent to 455 degrees. I admit I was a little nervous, but I wanted to get my hair as straight and sleek as possible.

For the first couple of days, my hair was far from sleek. It did have a lot of body– a little more than I was used to, but constant wrapping helped to flatten it a bit. By the end of the week, my hair was sleek with just enough body for some bounce! I loved it.

When getting my hair back to its naturally curly state, I applied LOTS of Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner on Thursday night and donned a plastic cap. I wanted to lock in some added moisture. I slept with it overnight. The next day before work, I rinsed it out and applied my Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Protein Pack. I needed my hair to be super strong before my Senegalese twists were installed on Saturday (Nov. 23rd). I went to work with my protein treatment and rinsed it out when I returned home. I then sat for about 15 minutes with my Curl Junkie Curl Rehab Moisturizing Hair Treatment.

Let me tell you! My curls were just as defined and bouncy– if not more– as they had been before they were straightened. I didn’t see any signs of heat damage, my curls were all the way in tact, and they were shiny! I definitely attribute this to some of the products I used during the straightening process. The Creme of Nature Leave-In functions as a heat protectant just as the Aveda Style Prep Smoother does. I think the ApHogee Leave-In treatment helped to strengthen my hair and kept it strong during the process as well.

I would definitely recommend Mo’s method for straightening. It took me a while– only because I’m a beginner at rolling hair and I fumbled on my drying time, but my hair was silky and my curls were in tact once I returned to my curly state. Some naturals experience heat damage; luckily, I didn’t!

Definitely check out the links I’ve placed throughout the post– my favorite moisturizing deep conditioning treatments and Mo’s method for straightening on!

Until next time,

Ashley, xo.

Do you have a method for straightening your hair? Do your curls remain in tact after heat styling? Share with us below!


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Ashley Hall is a Philadelphia based content creator and media personality from The Bronx, NY. Her channels are a perfect mix of lifestyle, beauty, and style, including sneakers and fashion!

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