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So I ordered the Shea Moisture Yucca & Baobab Anti-Breakage Masque from Walgreens during the BOGO sale. I had heard so many things about it, and the sale was a perfect time to try it out. For $5.24, how could I go wrong?!

I have fine strands so to hear about a product that is supposed to thicken the hair, and it isn’t JBCO, sounded great to me. I couldn’t wait to try it!

The masque is formulated “with biotin & bamboo extract for fine, thin hair.” It claims to “strengthen, thicken & volumize.”

Product Description: “Our all-natural treatment masque penetrates deeply to moisturize, strengthen, and fortify fine, thin hair. Helps prevent breakage while increasing volume for thicker, full-bodied hair.”

“Baobab oil contains Vitamins A, C, D, E, and F to fortify and strengthen hair. Yucca thickens hair while adding volume. Biotin is a powerful B Vitamin that strengthens the hair follicle.”

Ingredients can be found here.

Review: This stuff smells amazing! It’s not like the Deep Treatment Masque, which smells great, but is a bit overpowering after a while. The DTM honestly reminded me of men’s cologne. However, the Yucca & Baobab masque is very light in scent, and it reminds me of the Curl Enhancing Smoothie in texture.

I washed and detangled my hair, and I applied the anti-breakage masque. Because it has a thick consistency, like the curl enhancing smoothie (CES), less is definitely more in this case. I threw on a shower cap, and headwrap, to run some errands. Once I got back in the house, I set up my steamer and prepared to steam. My hair had been feeling extra dry, especially with the extreme temperatures, so I definitely needed an extra boost of moisture. The directions state that a plastic cap or any other hair covering is not needed when using a steamer because the “moist heat will add to masque’s hydration”. I removed my cap and set up a seat.

I had two steaming sessions– one to get the front of my hair and one for the back. I needed all of the moisture I could get! After steaming with the anti-breakage masque, I sat for a bit until the conditioner cooled. When I used to steam during my textlax days, my stylist used to make me sit for about 10 minutes until the conditioner cooled. After it cooled enough, I began to rinse my hair with cold water. *Cold water helps to close the cuticle to lock in the goodies!

I immediately noticed a difference! My hair was a lot softer and it felt extremely moisturized, which was great after suffering from the cold weather. The slip was also great, which allowed me to run my fingers through my hair while rinsing. I also noticed that I had very little hair to remove from my hands after rinsing.

I will say that although my hair was soft and moisturized, I noticed that I had a frizz patch in my crown area. I’m not sure why the frizz occurred, but I was not happy to see it! LOL Luckily, the frizz was in one area, and not all over, and it was soft!

I would definitely use the Anti-Breakage Masque again. I loved how my hair felt– it was soft and moisturized for DAYS (I couldn’t keep my hands out of it, *bad Ashley*)– and I loved how the masque smelled. I think it’s a great moisturizing deep treatment with a boost of protein. If your hair is protein sensitive, I wouldn’t recommend using this masque every week as a protein overload is never a good thing, especially in cold conditions. However, if you need a boost of protein, using this masque one to two times a month would be sufficient enough.

Until next time, Ashley, xo.

Have you used the Yucca & Baobab Anti-Breakage Masque? Share your experience below!


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