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3 Ways to Style the Nike Zoom X Vista Grind

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It's no secret that the Nike Zoom X Vista Grind in the Barely Volt/Electric Green color way are one of my favorite releases from the year. After all, I posted quite a few pics wearing these kicks on Instagram. With that said, styling them has been very fun for me because it's not your typical sleek silhouette. The boldness and chunkiness of the shoe makes pairing them with feminine pieces a little tricky, but it can easily be done.

Slim Mom Jeans

I love a good pair of denim, and these Slim Mom Trashed Jeans from H&M are no exception. These jeans sit high on the waist and the distressed detailing makes them a little more casual, especially at the hemline. The hemline is frayed and distressed, which of course isn't your standard hemline. Thus, pairing them with the Zoom X Vista Grind was an easy match to me. It's something about the slimness of the denim with the chunkiness of the shoe that works particularly well in this case. The jeans aren't super slim, so the shoes don't sit out like little boats, which is what they remind me of, and the tapered, not skinny, leg balances out the look.

I completed this look with a flowy tank top, which I tucked in, and a Coach bag I got over 10 years ago (When is this bag considered vintage?). I always come ready with a [gold] hoop earring and this blowout really brought the look together.

The Mesh Dress

This might've been one of my favorite pairings with this shoe because the combination of feminine pieces with the chunky shoe works so well together. A dress is a very feminine piece on its own, but the lightness and kind of material, the skirt length, and the cinched details around the arms, neck, and waist add to the femininity of the dress. With that said, in order to create a dope look, I needed to create an alfit (yes, alfit) that would be well balanced with pieces that would complement one another and not clash with the overall idea. We all know the pieces work well separately; it's getting them to work together that becomes tricky.

For this look, I paired a simple black tank top and light high waist denim shorts with a frayed hemline. In this case, I feel like the Frill Trim Shirred Mesh Dress from Shein adds a little rockstar vibe to the look. At least that's the vibe I'm getting. I finished off the look with black Stance ankle socks, gold hoop earrings, and my soon-to-be vintage Coach bag. But seriously - how long will it be before I can call this bag vintage?!

The Snake Patterned Skirt

I knew I was on to something when I picked up this skirt, and the oversized sweatshirt, but for the time being, let's just focus on this skirt. I love adding an oversized piece to a slimmer fitting piece. Why? For balance, of course. More times than a few, slim fitting & oversized pieces complement one another because.. balance. The look isn't too boxy because it has some structure and it isn't too fitting, which can sometimes throw off a look, especially when it comes to the shoe choice. In this case, I paired an oversized sweatshirt, with a slimmer fitting skirt, and a chunky shoe, which creates the illusion of.. balance. See, you got it.

I love the pattern and color of the skirt because it's a pearlized white, snakeskin patterned skirt, which can be paired with almost anything. The oversized sweatshirt completed the look perfectly because the neon green print on the sweatshirt would complement the shades of green in the kicks. I threw on the Rainbeau ankle socks from Stance and of course, this Coach bag once again. I might have to write about this bag in the future, so yall understand why it's been getting a lot of love. It actually has a lot to do with the first look!

In any case, my pairings for the Nike Zoom X Vista Grind have all been looks that I believe went well together. You always want to pay attention to your silhouettes and alfit structures. In this case, I played off the chunkiness of the kicks to create what I felt were well balanced looks. Which look was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!




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Ashley Hall is a Philadelphia based content creator and media personality from The Bronx, NY. Her channels are a perfect mix of lifestyle, beauty, and style, including sneakers and fashion!

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