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I absolutely love bold lashes. A good pair of falsies are cool, but nothing beats the power of a great mascara! Mascara is definitely one of my must-have, can’t live without cosmetics. I love how I can take my lashes from 0 to 60 in a few swipes.

I constantly get complimented on my lashes with my favorite being, “are you fanning me?!”. So this post is going to tell you about MY favorite mascaras. Note: The power is ALL in the brush!

​Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara ($19.50) “With every stroke, the over-the-top brush wraps lashes in instant, jaw-dropping drama. This larger-than-life formula is also safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Ophthalmologist tested, too” (

This mascara is definitely high on my list of favorites. If you want insanely bold and thick lashes, this is your go-to. I purchased this product when it first came out during my senior year of college. One of the women that I worked with at Clinique swore that it made her ‘nearly invisible’ lashes bold and very visible with just a few swipes. She even showed me a picture where you could see her lashes in the photo! This made my purchase so much easier!

The brush is covered in rows of tiny bristles that help get in between the lashes to create a bold look. In ‘Extreme Black’ you cannot go wrong with this mascara!

Mac Cosmetics Extended Play Lash Mascara ($16) “A lightweight curling, lifting Mascara in a glossy shade of Endless Black. Applies with a slim-line brush designed to give each lash effortless, upward bending definition and extreme volume. Easy wash-off formula. Lasts 16 smudge-free hours” ​


I love this mascara because it is great for a natural look. It definitely lengthens lashes, but it also makes them slightly bolder. This mascara adds fibers to the lashes, which helps with the length. I wish I could describe what the fibers feel like, but they feel rather spongey (see what I mean upon removal). I love how this curls my lashes just enough to make my eyes look more open. I definitely wear this mascara when I want a little something on– usually some super clean brows and a lippie of some kind. I also love that this mascara lasts for hours and it is super easy to remove.

The wand aids in providing definition and curling lashes. It doesn’t take much work to get the look you want. I use anywhere from 1-3 coats with this mascara and I am ready to go (definitely 3 if I want to be super natural, but a lil’ spicy)!

​Covergirl Lashblast Fusion Mascara ($7.99)

“Experience COVERGIRL’s first ever volume + length mascara! The fiberstretch formula and oversized brush make every little lash bigger, fuller, longer-looking, and more dramatic” (

This was one of the first mascaras I used and I still love it! This mascara definitely gives you length and volume as the wand is covered in rows of bristles. They get in between lashes to lengthen them and make them bolder. I have definitely used this mascara by itself, BUT I prefer to use this mascara as a primer. I feel that it really gets in between lashes and separates them well before I really get to work on my lashes (I use 1-2 coats before layering my mascara). However, if you use this mascara by itself, you’re in for a treat! I’ve definitely received tons of compliments with this mascara alone. It provides enough length and definition with 1-2 coats, but 3-4 coats really gets the job done. 🙂

Maybelline Volum’ Express the Mega Plush Mascara ($4.97-8.29)​

“Now, mega volume goes mega plush. Our first gel-mousse mascara. Lashes never brittle or flaky” (

I actually bought this mascara a couple of months ago during a BOGO sale. I had always wanted to try it since I saw it on the commercials, lol (it’s the inner PJ). I was definitely intrigued by the gel-mousse formula and the ‘plush’ part. Like I said before, I LOVE big, bold lashes so if a mascara is vowing to give me that, then I’m all ears, lol.

This mascara definitey delivers! After the first use, I noticed right away how big & bold my lashes were. I also noticed that they weren’t hard like most mascara formulas, but they were so soft! The wand– a flexor brush– allows for easy application by giving the brush the freedom to bend. I think this is one of the best wands I’ve seen in a while as the bristles are tapered with the larger bristles in the middle. I love layering this mascara– the bigger the lash, the better!

Maybelline Volum’ Express the Rocket Mascara ($4.97-8.29)

“Now, the most explosive, beautiful lashes ever! Supersonic Brush, and Fast Glide formula. Loads on big, sleek volume instantly” (

This was the other part of my BOGO purchase when I purchased the Mega Plush Mascara. I knew the MP was going to be one of my purchases, and after looking at the mascara ‘results’ chart in the store, I made my decision to grab the Rocket, too!

The Rocket claims to give “explosive volume in rocket time” ( and I am here for all of it! Using this mascara alone, I was asked “are you fanning me?!” which made me laugh, but I was so happy that my mascara was doing its job.

This wand definitely gets in between lashes to lengthen them and make them bolder. Using this mascara alone will definitely get the big, bold look you want, but pairing it with the Mega Plush will get you insanely big and insanely bold lashes. Falsies have nothing on this combination.

Quick Maintenance Rules for Your Mascara: – REPLACE your mascara every 3-6 months– 3 if you use your mascara daily, 6 if you use it occasionally. This helps to prevent bacteria from growing in the tube. An eye infection is NO joke!

– NEVER pump a mascara wand into the tube! It creates air pockets that will dry mascara out faster.

– NEVER share your mascara! It can increase the bacteria in the tube and it can also increase your chances of an eye infection.

– DO layer your mascara for amped length and volume. I am definitely one to use 2-3 different mascaras at a time for extra length and volume. I cannot say it enough– I love bold lashes and the bigger, the better!

– DO pay attention to the mascara wands because it is the wand that creates the magic.

– DO remove all eye makeup, especially mascara, at the end of the day. This helps keep your ducts clear and your lashes intact. Failure to remove mascara can clog your ducts and your lashes will fall out. Then you won’t have anything to coat in mascara! 🙁

Until next time, Ashley, xo *bats eyelashes*

Do you have a favorite mascara? Have you tried one of the mascaras mentioned above? Share below!


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Ashley Hall is a Philadelphia based content creator and media personality from The Bronx, NY. Her channels are a perfect mix of lifestyle, beauty, and style, including sneakers and fashion!

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