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In early April, I was invited to attend a private Birchbloggers x Miss Jessie’s event at the Miss Jessie’s salon in SoHo, NY. After participating in a quick ‘contest’ on Twitter– telling #Birchbloggers and Miss Jessie’s about our favorite MJ products or one that we were interested in trying– several winners were selected to attend the event. Luckily, I was one of them.

I was a bit hesitant to attend the event since there were no plus ones allowed, but I knew I’d be mad at myself if I didn’t go. I got up, got dressed, and headed to the location. I arrived at the salon super early and had about an hour or so to kill. I strolled through SoHo for a few blocks, popping in and out of stores. When I felt I had killed enough time, I headed back to the salon.

The salon’s entrance was quite small and with the scaffolding outside, it is possible that one could walk right by it. I rang the bell, was buzzed in, and headed up to the 2nd floor. Upon arriving on the salon’s floor, I was greeted by the Miss Jessie’s staff and a massive product wall that would definitely make a product junkie itch. The beautiful Miko Branch, co-founder of Miss Jessie’s, was in the main salon area getting her makeup touched up. I proceed to the main salon area and was truly amazed at how beautiful it was!

Upon entering the main salon area, I noticed the huge ‘Miss Jessie’s’ name in bold, silver letters on the wall behind the check-in desk and a beautiful chandelier. The Birchbox staff was setting up a few hors d’oeuvres which included champagne and mini cupcakes; I was also invited to walk and look around the salon.

The salon was very modern and had an elegant feel to it with the chandeliers and white decor. There were multiple conversations amongst the bloggers and tons of photos snapped. I think everyone had a phone or camera of some kind in hand, ready to take pictures of the salon and event. The wash stations were set up on the left, work stations were set up in the center, and dryers were on the back and right of the salon. There was a large television in the foyer with numerous photos of Miss Jessie’s products, models and ads we’ve seen all over. The foyer was also lined with goodie bags in the siganature Miss Jessie’s bags. This was exciting because everyone loves goodies!

Around 6:20pm, we were invited to grab a seat and get ready for the live demos. Here, Miko demonstrated the newest Miss Jessie’s products– Coily Custard, Transitioner’s Magic, and Multicultural Curls– on three of the attendees.

At the event, I learned that the Coily Custard ($14) was a great product for tight, coily curly girls. It has a lightweight formula, it spreads easily, and it holds curls in place. It also has a water base, which helps to keep curls moist while applying. Transitioner’s Magic ($22) is the lightest in weight and it is a great product for curlies that want to ease into being a naturalista– no big chop necessary! It has a lotion-like consistency, and according to Miko, “It helps to marry to two textures and make them similar.” The Multicultural Curls ($16) product is the second lightest after the Transitioner’s Magic. It covers a variety of textures and it also has a lotion like consistency that falls between the Transitioner’s Magic and Pillow Soft Curls.

‘Coily Custard’ during the application:

‘Transitioner’s Magic’ during the application:

‘Multicultural Curls’ during the application:

Miko surprised us with another application demo. She used the ‘Coily Custard’ on a final volunteer. You can see her standing to the far right with the other volunteers:

The ‘Coily Custard’ volunteer (far right) had never been able to do a successful wash and go. This product was great for her because it made her wash and go experience much easier– she had amazing definition and elongation and her hair was super shiny. The ‘Transitioner’s Magic’ volunteer (left of Miko, all black) had some heat and color damaged ends. The ‘Transitioner’s Magic’ definitely helped her ends to ‘act’ like curls and it left her hair super soft. The ‘Multicultural Curls’ curly girl (right, bronze top) had a lot of frizz and a few different curl patterns, but the ‘MC’ helped to decrease the frizz, reduce shrinkage and keep her curls elongated, and create a uniform curl pattern.

The last volunteer was a last minute idea from Miko. She wanted to show us how her products really worked and how you could obtain a desired look by using the appropriate products. She used the ‘Coily Custard’ on the last volunteer (far left) and with some scrunching and diffusing, she had some amazing curls at the end. Overall, the demos were great and Miko was extremely personable, informative, and inviting. I also liked the fact that she was very hands on and was willing to share some tips and tricks with us.

While we were taking pictures of the volunteers and admiring new ‘dos, I asked Miko if she would be taking pictures. Before we took the picture, she called me ‘pretty girl’, and I’ll admit, I almost fell to the floor! However, she also asked me about the products I used and admired my curls *cheesing from ear to ear*. Here we are below:

I definitely enjoyed myself at the event; I picked up on a ton of information and shared it via Twitter (@curlsfothegirls). I do have a twitter feed on the blog so you can scroll through and check out some of the tips I picked up. Upon leaving, we were handed goodie bags, which included all three products– ‘Coily Custard’, ‘Transitioner’s Magic, and ‘Multicultural Curls’– and a coupon for a wash and go service at the salon. I have not tried the products yet, but I will be sure to make my own observations and give a review. However, I was definitely sold on the products while watching the demos. You had to see it to believe it!More photos from the event:Also check out CurlsFoTheGirls on Instagram for more photos and a video demo by Miko on diffusing!

Until next time, Ashley, xo.

Do you have a favorite Miss Jessie’s product? Have you tried any of the newer products mentioned in the post? Comment below!


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Ashley Hall is a Philadelphia based content creator and media personality from The Bronx, NY. Her channels are a perfect mix of lifestyle, beauty, and style, including sneakers and fashion!

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