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Last week, I was chosen by @BrandingMuse on Instagram to attend BeautyConNYC. BeautyCon is a “fashion and beauty summit for the internet’s most influential and everyone who’s obsessed with them!” ( This year, it was held at at Pier 36, which is way downtown. It seemed like fun at first, but I wasn’t impressed.

I was hoping that BeautyCon was going to be a life changing experience. Unfortunately, for me, it was not. I honestly expected much more from BeautyCon– the space and vendors to be exact. It was way downtown– about an hour for travel time– and you had to walk several blocks before reaching the pier. This wasn’t a big problem, but I honestly thought a different location would have been better (I had the Javits Center on my mind). The check-in process was extremely quick. It consisted of a few lines– all of which were very short– where your ticket was scanned and your personal items were searched for those ‘just in case’ items. There was a bright yellow taxi (as seen in the above photo) with bold, metallic pink balloons attached that said ‘BeautyCon’.

As I got inside, I was a little saddened by what I saw. There was a TON of space and very few vendors. I don’t know why, but I was definitely expecting TONS of vendors as I had seen at past conventions. The space was great for the amount of people, but I was looking for a ‘wow’ factor. It just wasn’t there for me.

I stayed for a couple of hours browsing the few vendors that seemed interesting– BareMinerals, Tarte, Revlon. I met up with a friend who was in line for BareMinerals; they were giving out foundations. I jumped on line with them and got a free foundation from the ‘BareSkin’ collection. It contains a brightening serum that helps brighten your skin as you wear it (can’t wait toreally try this out). I also racked up at Revlon; they had baskets of products that they were giving out, which consisted of mascara and eyeliners. I grabbed a couple of handfuls; I can’t wait to try the bright blue liner I picked out! I browsed through Tarte; they had several different items for sale including their Maracuja Oil, mascara, and bronzer. However, I didn’t purchase anything because there is nothing that I am in serious need of. I made a stop at Crown Brushes where I purchased a fan brush and received a blending sponge as well. Right next to it was a space where some artists were giving mini makeovers using the Maybelline Color Elixir lip product. It is a lipstick, lipgloss, and lip balm all in one! After trying out the product, you received the same one you tried on. I got the ‘Mandarin Rapture’ shade, which complimented my skin nicely.

I have to say that the free goodies were my favorite part of BeautyCon. There was a strong YouTube presence that included ItsMyRayeRaye and ShamelessMaya. VIP and Pro ticket holders were able to attend the Meet & Greet that included these lovelies and a few others. I will say that it was an interesting experience and I’m happy that I was able to attend. However, I don’t think that BeautyCon is the event for me. I attended a hair convention last year, which was 1000xs more exciting; I really had high hopes for BeautyCon. If the space changes in the future and there are more vendors, I’ll give it another shot. But if it’s anything like I experienced last weekend, I’ll gladly skip out.

Until next time,

Ashley, xo.

Did you attend BeautyConNYC? What are your thoughts on the event? Comment below!


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Ashley Hall is a Philadelphia based content creator and media personality from The Bronx, NY. Her channels are a perfect mix of lifestyle, beauty, and style, including sneakers and fashion!

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