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Bahamas, July 2013


I know you all are probably wondering why I would want to write about the art of shaving, but it is important that we discuss this daunting task. Some of us probably have not seen a razor since last year, and with spring and summer approaching, it is time for smooth, silky legs to make their way to the surface. Shaving your legs can be a task, but after reading this post, it doesn’t have to be…

I’ve noticed that the tools and methods I use to shave my legs contribute to the smooth, silky finish I mentioned. Here’s how I’ve adapted my leg shaving routine for smooth, silky legs:

Exfoliating (or brushing) legs to remove dead skin: Before I shave, I scrub my legs using an exfoliating pad with some body wash and body scrub, or I use a hairbrush to help remove dead skin. Yes, I know you’re probably reading the part about the hairbrush and saying ‘eww’, but hear me out. When used in a circular motion, the bristles are perfect for removing dead skin, increasing blood circulation, and helping to lift ingrown hairs. Of course if you’ve used your hairbrush, it’s best to wash it before using it for it’s intended purpose.

Shaving cream (revisited): For some time, I was using conditioner to shave my legs because, in my opinion, it left them visibly smoother. However, I began breaking out and my legs would get really itchy after using the conditioner. For the past couple of months (I’ve already started shaving my legs), I’ve been using the Skintimate Skin Therapy Moisturizing Shave Gel. This shaving cream is a lotionized-gel and contains Vitamin E and moroccan oil for silky skin. I do like it as there is no breakout after use and my legs are silky smooth.

Razors: I’ve learned that properly storing my Simply Venus razors after use can help to preserve them and keep rust at bay. After I use my razor, I rinse it thoroughly, dry it off and store it on the shelf until next time. I try to use my razors at least 5 times before tossing them for a new one. If I have properly stored my razors and I can stretch the number of uses, then I go for it. However, it is important to pay attention to your shave. If you notice that your shave isn’t as smooth as your last, then it might be time to toss your current razor and get a new one.

Take your time: Taking your time when shaving is crucial to avoid missing trouble spots or nicking yourself. If you are able to shave your legs while in the shower, then go for it. However, shaving your legs on the side of the tub is also a great way to get the job done. If you have some extra time, run some water in the tub (between your calves and ankles is good enough) and stick your feet in. After exfoliating, wet your legs thoroughly and go to work!

Paying attention to these things has definitely helped me create the smoothest and most thorough shaves possible. My legs seriously feel like silk when I’m done!

Until then,


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Ashley Hall is a Philadelphia based content creator and media personality from The Bronx, NY. Her channels are a perfect mix of lifestyle, beauty, and style, including sneakers and fashion!

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